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Sink or Swim

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Sink or Swim

New Job. New Boss. 12 Weeks to Get It Right.

Adams Media,

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What's inside?

Congratulations on your new job! Now, what are you going to do to keep it?

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This book is perfect for new college graduates or inexperienced employees starting new jobs. Milo and Thuy Sindell provide a wealth of information about proper business conduct and etiquette, including a checklist for recommended activities during your first 12 weeks on the job. Although the material is basic and somewhat repetitive (just like a start-up job), getAbstract thinks the book would make a great gift for anyone who is just beginning to learn the workplace ropes.


Changing Relationships

The employer-employee relationship has changed dramatically in the course of the past 40 years. Long gone are the days when paternalistic companies hired employees and expected them to stay on the payroll until they turned 65. Workers don’t expect lifetime security anymore and they have little tolerance for job dissatisfaction. Companies recognize the need to offer more than attractive salaries and benefits to retain their most talented people. Good companies create educational and advancement opportunities for their employees.

Regardless of your experience, you are in charge of your destiny. Looking out for opportunities, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, identifying the qualities that make you an asset to your company, and learning how and when to get help are your responsibilities starting with your very first day on the job. From the outset, every employee should try to improve in these areas:

  • Goal setting – Jobs offer opportunities to achieve long-term goals, but you have to be realistic, committed and determined. Meeting deadlines, producing error-free reports and maintaining an upbeat attitude are positive steps. ...

About the Authors

Milo Sindell is a business consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 companies. Thuy Sindell, Ph.D., is a consultant who creates customized leadership programs for executives and managers.

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