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Buyout book summary
The whole process of buying a company is difficult, time-consuming, expensive and frustrating… and potentially extremely lucrative.


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Buyout maven Rick Rickertsen has written the ultimate guidebook for anyone with an eye on purchasing a company. Despite the complex nature of buyout deals, Rickertsen covers everything, except what to wear when the deal is done. He writes about financial issues in remarkably understandable language and with great flair. recommends this book to anyone considering participating in a management buyout (which used to be called a leveraged buyout, until the process got a bad reputation) or being swept along by one.

In this summary, you will learn

  • An implementable, step-by-step plan for conducting a management buyout;
  • How and why managers often undervalue their expertise and leverage in considering acquiring a company.


Management Buyouts
When capital is available, opportunities await strong leaders with well-conceived buyout plans who are willing to take the management buyout (MBO) plunge. In an MBO, managers become owners. For example, Dan Gillis and Harry McCreery worked for a German corporation until...
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About the Authors

Rick Rickertsen is the chief operating officer of Thayer Capital and the founding partner of Thayer’s two corporate buyout funds totaling more than $1.3 billion. He has led more than 50 buyouts. He is a contributing writer for the Washington Business Journal and Techway magazine. Robert E. Gunther is the founder of Gunther Communications. He is co-author or collaborator of eight books, including Hypercompetition, The Wealthy 100 and Wharton on Managing Emerging Technologies.

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