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Plan your start-up with the end in mind

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Get Backed, Get Big, Get Bought book summary
Do you have an idea for a profitable start-up? You can score by getting funding, building the firm and then selling it.


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Entrepreneurship expert Colin Barrow promises that selling your company is the path to big bucks. The problem is that first you have to start a business and make it successful. Barrow details all the ins and outs of this lucrative practice, from writing your business plan and securing funding to expanding your company and preparing an “exit strategy.” He tailors his information to businesses in the U.K., but most of the principles apply universally. Thus, getAbstract recommends Barrow’s practical guide as informative, encouraging reading for any entrepreneur with the next great business idea. Heeding his sound advice could help you follow in the footsteps of Bebo founders Michael and Xochi Birch, who in 2008 sold their popular networking site to AOL for £417 million.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to plan your start-up
  • How to obtain funding for your business and make it grow
  • How to sell it


“Get Backed”
Most people who start new businesses want to become rich, yet few achieve that goal. Often, those who end up squeaking by lack this “magic formula” for success: “Value = Problem x Scalability x Money x Barrier to Entry.” Translation: The value of your start-up is a product...
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About the Author

Colin Barrow teaches entrepreneurship at numerous business schools and has published books and other publications on the topic.

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