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How the rich got that way is an interesting enough topic. But an interesting topic does not necessarily make an intriguing book. Author Steve Mariotti profiles 20 well-known 20th-century entrepreneurs. You will easily recognize the names Bezos, Branson, Burrell, Kroc, Roddick, Walton, Ford and Winfrey. However, the author presents little new information about them. His profiles are short; three to four pages, and take the tone of corporate press releases. The book works best as a compendium of capitalist success stories, and recommends it as a student’s primer in entrepreneurial studies. Since the author shares cover credit with the charitable program he launched to help low-income teen entrepreneurs, that might be just the audience that the author had in mind.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why money alone does not motivate successful entrepreneurs;
  • Why entrepreneurs are not easily discouraged;
  • What some surprising keys to entrepreneurial success are; and
  • Why entrepreneurs can be successful at any stage in life.

About the Authors

Steve Mariotti is the author of numerous books on entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the National Foundation for Teaching Entreprenuership (NFTE), an international nonprofit organization that introduces low-income teens to the world of business and entrepreneurship by teaching them how to develop and operate their own small businesses. Mike Caslin is the CEO of NTFE.



Amazing Entrepreneurial Stories
The stories of phenomenal entrepreneurs are not stories of wealth accumulation. They are stories of personal vision and of making the vision real. When you read about the lives of 20th-century American entrepreneurs, you find all types of surprises.

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