Smart Supply Chain Management May Be The Best Chance To Make "Green Logistics" A Reality

Smart Supply Chain Management May Be The Best Chance To Make "Green Logistics" A Reality

Iyiou, 2017

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In the lead up to Singles’ Day 2017 – China’s November 11 answer to Black Friday – the Chinese State Post Bureau estimated that the shopping bonanza would result in the shipment of more than 1.5 billion packages. Packaging waste has put green logistics in the spotlight, but progress in the industry has been slow. Li Ni, who reports for business and tech journal Iyiou, outlines green government policies and explains why businesses need to tackle smart supply chain management to facilitate green logistics development. getAbstract recommends this article to those curious about what China is doing to make logistics more environmentally friendly and how the country is moving toward a more sustainable future.


Each year, Singles’ Day – the annual November 11 online shopping spree in China – results in mountains of packaging waste. To encourage retailers and shippers to use more environmentally friendly shipping materials, the Chinese State Post Bureau (SPB), together with nine other government departments, has released its “Guidance on the Promotion of Green Packaging of Express Delivery.” Recycling rates in China remain low and, historically, creating and implementing greener industry standards has been tough – in part because the public still lacks environmental awareness. Supportive government policies combined with private sector’s smart supply chain systems will be crucial in facilitating green logistics developments.

China’s 2017 green packaging trend report classifies package waste into six categories: paper order forms, woven polypropylene (PP) bags, plastic bags, plastic covers, cardboard boxes and tape. In 2016, cardboard boxes were the most common form of packaging for shipping, followed by plastic bags. On average, each package used 0.8 meters [...

About the Author

Li Ni is a reporter for the leading business and tech journal Iyiou. She specializes in logistic industry news and developments.

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