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In his meticulous, scholarly presentation, Lawrence Lessig, champion of a citizen-led democracy, exposes the deep cracks in American politics and proposes several reforms. Though Lessig’s eloquent argument is long-winded, his thorough analysis presents a clear and hopeful blueprint for change. getAbstract recommends his polished nonpartisan report to US citizens who crave the representative democracy their country is lacking.


Imagine an ignored child seated between distracted parents. His frustration and impatience build and finally erupt. The child’s outburst shocks his parents, but his reaction is reasonable; his parents’ neglect is a “betrayal.” This scenario is an apt metaphor for the current political moment. The American public feels ignored by government representatives and betrayed by an unrepresentative democracy that manifests in three ways:

  1. Voting is more difficult for some than for others – Long lines at many voting booths inhibit those who hold several jobs or who can’t afford child care from casting ballots.
  2. Not...

About the Speaker

Lawrence Lessig is a lawyer, activist and Harvard Law School professor.

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