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Launching a new product or company can be tiresome and risky. How can you know if you’re onto a winner before you commit time, money and resources to it? In this thorough presentation, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, designers at GV, discuss the “sprint” protocol, a procedure that pushes businesses expeditiously from idea generation to consumer testing within five days, while eliminating risk. getAbstract recommends their practical, innovative technique to entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers and corporate design teams.


To confirm the viability of their ideas, entrepreneurs must invest time and money in gathering data, building prototypes and launching, a costly process that makes founders overly cautious. Jake Knapp, a designer at GV, Google’s venture capital arm, developed the “sprint” protocol – a cheap, risk-free blueprint that tests new ideas in just five days, allowing entrepreneurs to experiment with riskier bets and quickly ascertain their feasibility. A sprint breaks down the process into five steps, dedicating a day to each. To visualize a sprint, consider the experience of

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Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, designers at GV, developed the “sprint” protocol, which allows teams and companies to solve pressing issues in just five days.

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