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Starting Greatness: Rahul Vohra of Superhuman

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Starting Greatness: Rahul Vohra of Superhuman

How to Create Business Products People *Enjoy* Using

Starting Greatness,

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Rahul Vohra, Superhuman’s founder, used his gaming background to develop his software product.

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Superhuman’s founder Rahul Vohra explains how he used his background in gaming to develop productivity software. He says motivating users doesn’t require adding bells and whistles to your product. Instead, he says, tap into their emotions. In this Starting Greatness podcast interview with Mike Maples Jr., Vohra describes, among other things, how he targeted his productivity software specifically to CEOs and board members of tech companies, enabling him to market both vertically and horizontally.


To develop engaging productivity software, concentrate on how you want users to feel.

Superhuman productivity software founder Rahul Vohra has a background in gaming. That experience persuaded him to make software that offered more of a play experience than a work-like environment.He succeeded by concentrating on what he wants consumers to feel when they use his software.

Vohra goes beyond superficial motivation, such as software gamification that offers badges and stickers. He refers to a Stanford study that found kids lost half their motivation when researchers offered them rewards. 

To apply this to software development, Vohra follows five principles: A design must include: “goals, emotions, controls, toys and flow.”


About the Podcast

Mike Maples Jr., host of the Starting Greatness podcast, interviews Superhuman’s founder Rahul Vohra.

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