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Stem Cells

The Future of Medicine

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Salamanders can regrow limbs, and with the help of stem cells, so, too, can humans. The subject of stem cell research provokes much controversy, but in this enlightening presentation, Eckhard Alt, a professor of medicine, attempts to dispel fears surrounding this nascent science. Alt’s viewpoint is unabashedly biased, and he cherry-picks only case studies with positive outcomes; his business, after all, is stem cell therapy. But even the Vatican is getting on board, which may sway opponents with moral objections to this revolutionary development. To impart his esoteric know-how effectively to a lay audience, Alt fortifies his talk with graphs, images and videos. getAbstract recommends his astounding oration to anyone interested in the future of medicine.


Most people are ill-informed about stem cell research, which is a major obstacle to its progress. Many opponents object on moral grounds, particularly regarding the cultivation of embryonic stem cells. However, this subfield has no future because it lacks clinical application. Yes, embryonic stem cells are “immune privileged,” but because the cells originated from another person, when they mature, the recipient body will reject them. The most promising research focuses on harvesting stem cells from a body for that same body.

About the Speaker

Eckhard Alt founded ISAR Klinikum, a Munich hospital, and is the chairman of InGeneron, a biotechnology firm.

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