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Step into Your Moxie book summary
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Coaching expert Alexia Vernon’s dynamic book demonstrates how to be your own best advocate and create your ideal future. She was born to be a coach but, as she explains, making it happen required tapping into her “moxie.” Stepping into your moxie requires evaluating your goals, motivation, communication and boundaries. Vernon directs her thought-provoking ideas at women who are ready to become their own “heroines.” Since her book functions best as a workbook, you may want to have a notebook ready for the exercises in each chapter’s “Moxie Moment.”

About the Author

Leadership coach and TEDxWomen speaker Alexia Vernon created Spotlight Speakers Collective and Spotlight Speaker Accelerator. You can download supplemental moxie exercises at 



You’ve Got “Moxie”

In 1876, Dr. Augustin Thompson created Moxie Nerve Food. This nostrum purportedly soothed insomnia, nervousness and paralysis. Moxie soda made the word popular. Moxie came to represent courage, know-how, pep, nerve, verve and vigor. You have moxie inside you. It is how you project your competence and confidence. Moxie is a dynamic way to think, feel and express yourself. If your moxie is latent, you can cultivate and amplify it through your daily choices. Tapping into your moxie – moving into your spotlight – creates a “chain reaction” that helps other people around you evolve, grow and learn. 

Alexia Vernon realized she had been measuring herself against a model that the business world based on masculinity. It prioritized authority, assertiveness and how a person takes up space. To communicate her passions, she realized she needed to behave more authentically, to speak up with humility and honesty about what mattered to her and to prioritize her perspective. Blending this more feminine process with a masculine approach would...

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