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Strategize to Win

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Strategize to Win

The New Way to Start Out, Step Up, or Start Over in Your Career


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Strategies to map, manage and navigate a personal career path from corporate insider and Expect To Win author Carla A Harris.

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This sequel to Expect to Win by Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman Carla A. Harris offers astute, tangible advice to those seeking to launch or change a career. She draws from her corporate experience to help you navigate every step of your career journey including choosing the right profession, landing the first job, readying yourself for success in every type of work environment and ultimately, attaining your dream job. Harris delineates the essential skills to acquire when starting out and explains how to leverage your experience into new, more challenging roles. “Carla’s Pearls” at the end of each chapter neatly summarize her main points, and case studies make her strategies plain.


You may not know the career you want when you graduate or even after working for a few years.

Most people don’t have a clear idea of their career path upon graduating from college or leaving the military. Others want to leave unsatisfying jobs but have no idea how. Spending a lifetime at one company and working your way up the ladder is a thing of the past. Today’s work environment is one of constant flux, and companies continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

If you want to work at a cutting-edge organization, you must change companies as the industry leader changes. Job switching is no longer a negative on a resume. Design a career path made of six to eight building blocks in five-year lengths at different companies.

Define the content that matters to you when launching a first job search or changing careers.

To find a motivating and fulfilling career, focus on content – the distinctive elements of jobs in a particular field. Identify the experiences, skills and work environment you want and the types of people you want to work with. Defining your content now helps you pursue the right jobs today and...

About the Author

Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley and author of Expect to Win Carla A. Harris served as the chair of the National Women’s Business Council under President Barack Obama.

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