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Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to sit down for an extended session with a top business thinker while he discusses the fine points of corporate strategy with you? You can, at least in an editorial sense, when you read Richard Rumelt’s work on business strategy. The prestigious McKinsey Quarterly calls Rumelt “strategy’s strategist,” and The Economist includes him on its list of the 25 most influential people in business management today. Who does he think he is, a rocket scientist? Well, yes, he also worked as an engineer on the US Voyager mission to Jupiter. Distilling a lifetime of experience, and delving into history and the classics to illustrate strategy’s importance, Rumelt shares ways to discern good strategy from bad and tells you how to implement the good. getAbstract recommends his fascinating, informative, enjoyable, erudite book and considers it necessary reading for executives and managers on the topic of strategy.

About the Author

Richard Rumelt is a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and a consultant on strategic management issues.


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    Kutila Pinto 1 year ago
    I have personally used the crux of Mr Rumlet's book to divert an aged banking business towards a redefined success. Challenging the status quo using the diagnosis and building on "what we are good at and famous for" gave the bank a brand new perception in the market. Standby the Kernel!
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      Katie BOURDET 5 months ago
      This is good to know. I'm leading a strategy building workshop tommorrow for my business entity and will use the Kernel steps as our guide. I will tell the folks it's worked for you ;-)
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    Paul Glynn 1 year ago
    Great read for all disciplines, but none more than leaders in organisations. Interesting stories, sound proof and easy to read.
  • Avatar
    James Parkhouse 2 years ago
    One of, if not the, best book on strategy out there. So full of great examples and clear advice. This a really good summary of the key points.
  • Avatar
    Mari Persempere 2 years ago
    Can not download, can not print, does not give me the option to view.
  • Avatar
    Deborah Dickerson 4 years ago
    Cannot print this document
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    Vladimir Petek 6 years ago
    The book successfully outlines a profound strategy practice. A road-map for those who really wish to accomplish something with their strategy.

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