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Guide to Organisation Design book summary
Align your organizational design with your business strategy to unleash its power.


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Naomi Stanford believes that executives pay too little attention to changing their companies’ organizational designs, perhaps because such initiatives don’t promise high-profile careers. Yet, updating your organization’s structure is a vital process that can make your company stronger by unleashing its energy and using its resources more aggressively. This handy publication covers material you might study in a college-level organizational design course. However, it isn’t a textbook. Think of this manual as a survey of the subject, with many helpful suggestions and thought-provoking ideas. The writing is compact, a little dry and somewhat jargon-laden. However, if you want to examine what your company needs to consider in a design change project, getAbstract recommends this solid resource.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How organizations remain effective by paying attention to their design;
  • What constitutes a design change process;
  • Why measuring your change process is crucial, perhaps more crucial than your data; and
  • Why organizations have to adapt to change.


Designing Your Organization
Nearly every big organization originated as a small start-up with a few people doing almost everything that needed to be done. Perhaps your company began the same way, and when it was small, organizational design was not a problem. As your firm grew, it was ...
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About the Author

Naomi Stanford, Ph.D., is a consultant on organizational design and is the author of many articles on the design of organizations. She has worked as a senior manager with several major international companies. She is also the author of Organization Design: The Collaborative Approach.

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