Summary of Strategic Alliances

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Globalization

Harvard Business Review Press,
First Edition: 1995 more...

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Strategic Alliances book summary
To compete in global markets, consider allying your firm with partners and rivals alike


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Global companies are increasingly linking up with other firms to achieve mutual corporate goals in areas such as research, production, sourcing and distribution. The alliances they create can sometimes be bafflingly complex, nothing less than a contract lawyer’s dream. And companies that join in alliances to dominate a particular market in one area can be bitter rivals in another market or another region. Alliance issues include handling employees’ competing priorities and sharing proprietary information, such as vital research, among market adversaries. While “strategic alliances” can provide numerous attractive benefits, business professors Michael Y. Yoshino and U. Srinivasa Rangan offer best practices you can use to navigate the many obstacles that corporate marriages face. Although readers will find the book jargon-heavy and its references somewhat dated, getAbstract considers its well-documented counsel a good educational base in strategic alliances. In short, this book on alliances has earned the right to be called a management classic on this subject.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why companies form “strategic alliances,”
  • What structural and procedural tactics such alliances demand, and
  • How to handle their management challenges.


“Strategic Alliances”
Alliances are multiplying in today’s business world. Participating firms create these alliances to advance their strategic goals, enhance competitiveness and counter globalization pressures. Yet many businesses enter combinations without much planning, and such relationships...
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About the Authors

Michael Y. Yoshino is a professor emeritus of business administration at Harvard Business School. U. Srinivasa Rangan is the Luksic Chair Professor of Strategy and Global Studies at Babson College.

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