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Unlock the Power of Less – and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

Never Chase, Always Stretch

by David Meyer

Bestseller Scott Sonenshein teaches you how to stretch yourself to become more efficient, perceptive and creative.

In this Wall Street Journal bestseller, Scott Sonenshein – a management professor at Rice University and co-author of Joy at Work with renowned tidying-up guru Marie Kondo – explains how people and companies can stretch their reach and resources to attain their goals. He offers useful lessons and describes them in fresh, insightful ways. Sonenshein backs up his advice with anecdotes and stories. In a direct, conversational voice, he offers guidance about finding new, creative ways of doing business.

Once you learn how to embrace and expand on the untapped value right in front of you, you’ll unlock exciting possibilities to achieve more than you ever imagined.Scott Sonenshein

Sonenshein has an instinctive feel for how self-deceiving “spendthrift” companies go under. As a young man, he worked in a well-funded Silicon Valley dot-com that squandered its venture capital on lavish parties, vacations and promotions. When the money ran dry and the dot-com crisis exploded, the company – which in Sonenshein’s argot was a “chaser,” not a “stretcher” – went under.

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