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Unlock the Power of Less

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You don’t need more resources to gain better results.

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According to an old adage, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Business professor Scott Sonenshein presents his well-researched contribution to this “less is more” school of thought. The lecture, based on the eponymous book, includes several colorful anecdotes but otherwise lacks pizzazz. Nevertheless, getAbstract recommends you stay for the duration as Sonenshein uncovers useful ways to improve success, creativity and happiness.


Would extra money, time and proficiency make it easier to achieve your goals? Not necessarily. In fact, sometimes having more resources makes you less effective. Research shows that “chasing” – that is, increasing your resources to improve results – can negatively affect outcomes and even your welfare. Concentrating on “mindlessly accumulating” resources can blind you to your personal, career and business objectives. Moreover, resources are limited, so investing in more of them to improve results is unsustainable. By needlessly pursuing more and failing to leverage the resources you already have, you overlook opportunities to become more sustainable and industrious...

About the Speaker

Scott Sonenshein teaches at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University.

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