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How Every Woman Can Be a Leader of Change

Grand Harbor Press,

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Life coach Samar Shera offers five steps to help every woman achieve self-empowerment.

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Life coach Samar Shera confronts the many ways  society encourages women to remain only either “Damsels” or “Superwomen.” She provides a clear path for women’s self-empowerment by guiding women to recognize the importance of their choices. Shera offers five steps to help every woman “strut.” She draws on her studies in theology, alternative modalities, productivity and time management to harness areas of personal empowerment and business acumen. Each chapter includes stories of personal transformation. Shera also provides “Reflection Exercises” that challenge women to increase their self-awareness. Shera’s methods are sound and her instructions are practicable and applicable for women in any field. Though many books offer women pathways to self-improvement, Shera’s wealth of advice and practical guidance offers a special hand to women confronted with daunting work and life issues or those seeking lasting, profound change.


Making personal change is possible at any age. Life always welcomes the process of self-transformation.

People who embrace self-awareness create a better world. Finding your voice helps you become a “Leader of Change,” serve your community with integrity and influence global attitudes and perspectives. Looking inward needn’t be narcissistic. The first step toward transformation is recognizing the events and tragedies that formed your behavior patterns. People often avoid this confrontation due to fear.

Instead of embracing powerlessness, realize that feelings of despair and hopelessness tell you that you need to change. Change is possible at any age. Life always welcomes self-transformation. When women understand what they want, they also can diagnose how they’ve built lives, whether they followed their own wishes or based their lives on other people’s advice or desires. Awareness can help them make choices based on their own insights and drive, rather than behaving in accord with a lifetime of conditioning. Their self-awareness creates a better world for women in the future.

About the Author

Integrated clinical hypnotherapist and life coach Samar Shera holds degrees in accounting, finance, theology and religious studies. Her work addresses the needs and rights of girls and women on an international platform.

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