A review of


Crafting Business on Your Own Terms

Warm, Worthy Advice

by David Meyer

Jaime Schmidt, founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, details her journey from making products in her bathtub to selling her blockbuster company to Unilever. She writes with wit, warmth and self-deprecation.

Jaime Schmidt, founder of Schmidt’s Naturals, spent countless hours creating a formula for a natural deodorant. She relates first selling her product locally and then building her small company into a runaway success. Schmidt’s decision to sell her company to Unilever in 2017 allowed her to focus on helping others.

Schmidt writes in an endearing, personal, natural voice. Her purpose is twofold: to inspire other independent entrepreneurs and to spare them the difficulties she faced. And while she markets her book with emphasis on her business advice, readers are likely to connect more strongly to her personal saga.

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