Talk Like TED
A review of

Talk Like TED

The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

Successful Public Speaking

by David Meyer

Prolific author Carmine Gallo studied more than 500 TED talks to compile a guide outlining the methods of the best speakers.

The most valuable currency today is a great idea, says former journalist, author and news anchor Carmine Gallo. But an amazing idea is worthless if you lack the skills to communicate it effectively. Gallo watched more than 500 TED Talks and spoke with several speakers to glean insights into how best to share ideas and connect with audiences. He explains that the best TED speakers convey their ideas in emotional, memorable and novel ways. Gallo presents nine winning tactics that you can employ to deliver great presentations and harness the power of your authentic voice.


The most successful TED presenters share ideas that excite them. Displaying a positive emotional state triggers a contagion effect: Listeners tend to absorb a charismatic leader’s fervor.

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