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Taming the CRM Beast to Boost Sales summary
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If your firm’s customer relationship management (CRM) system has become an “unwieldy beast,” consider this Boston Consulting Group article a field guide and trainer’s manual. Roger Premo, Matthew Ward and Santosh Raghunath will teach you how to identify the factors that can aggravate chaotic CRM – as well as how to optimize the benefits of your system.

About the Authors

Roger Premo, Matthew Ward and Santosh Raghunath are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.



A tech upgrade or a replacement system isn’t always the best fix for an underperforming customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Often, sales teams find that their customer relationship management (CRM) systems don’t deliver on their promise of better profits. Executives may respond to shabby results by channeling funds toward technological upgrades, third-party solutions or more-sophisticated CRM systems, only to encounter further disappointment. However, organizations can often step off this CRM “treadmill” without having to invest in new technologies. Plodding through administrative work and accessing fresh leads can absorb hours of a sales rep’s workday. Further, erratic documentation or ad hoc changes to fields and processes can confuse salespeople, or they can use tools...

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