Summary of Ten Lessons from 20 Years of Value Creation Insights

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Ten Lessons from 20 Years of Value Creation Insights summary
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Tensions between managers and shareholders over value creation are an age-old phenomenon, dating back to 1602 and the Dutch East India Company, the first modern corporation. Fueling the ongoing push and pull are differing views on products and services, models, and metrics. While executive and shareholder relations are sometimes adversarial, successful companies tend to integrate investor input into their strategies, according to professionals at the Boston Consulting Group. Their meticulous synthesis of in-depth data on value-creation practices offers solid guidelines to executives and investors navigating 21st-century business challenges. 

In this summary, you will learn

  • How long-term value creation can benefit shareholders and companies, and
  • What firms can do to build and implement value-creating strategies and practices. 

About the Authors

Gerry Hansell et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.



Since 1998, the Boston Consulting Group has issued its annual BCG Value Creators Report, which grades companies based on their ability to build and nurture value over a five-year period. The 20th edition of the report culls 10 important lessons from two decades of assessing corporate value creation:

  1. “Value creation is not the only goal, but it is essential” – Research shows that nonfinancial, socially responsible practices consistently deliver solid investor returns.
  2. “Metrics alone are not enough” – Baking value-management principles into every aspect of ...

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