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Ten Ways to Make a Product Great

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Ten Ways to Make a Product Great

Ben Balter,

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Try these ten tips for making the best possible product.

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After a decade of creating software and three years single-mindedly hacking one product, Ben Balter accepted a role as a full-time gitHub pages manager. In this concise and actionable article, he shares the lessons he’s learned about building great products. Spoiler alert – allowing open communication and simplifying the user experience top the list. getAbstract recommends this summary to developers, product builders and anyone else actively involved in creating the user’s world, whether online or offline.


Try these ten tips to make a great product:

  1. “Absorb complexity on behalf of users” – Remember that users must make a decision every time they face an option. Ease cognitive burden by limiting decision making; the purpose of technology is to help users accomplish tasks with as little friction as possible.
  2. “Build features 80% of users will use” – Sometimes developers fall in love with solving problems that only elite users will encounter. It’s fun and challenging but ultimately doesn’t serve the product’s highest objective, which is “genuinely nailing the out-of-...

About the Author

Ben Balter is an attorney, an open source developer and a product manager.

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