The 10X Rule

The 10X Rule

The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

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If you want to succeed, says sales training expert Grant Cardone in this best-selling motivational manual, set goals 10 times higher than you’d like to reach, and put in 10 times the effort that you anticipate is necessary. Cardone says you must value success highly enough to strive toward it resolutely. He tells you how to set a high bar for yourself so you can leverage the power of working intelligently and extremely hard. While he writes provocatively, his basic premise – multiply by 10 – is pretty simple. getAbstract suggests his advice to anyone seeking a quick, quirky motivational boost.


Setting “10X” Targets

To succeed you need to set targets, work systematically and doggedly, use time effectively and network. When you consider your life, you may see that you succeeded in the past when you put in 10 times more effort than most other people. Those who’ve achieved enormous success in the arts, philanthropy, politics, athletics or entertainment all followed the 10X rule.

Develop the capacity to foresee how much work you and your colleagues must sustain to achieve your targets. Then, set goals 10 times higher than that and undertake 10 times the effort that initially seems necessary. That’s what it takes to follow the 10X rule.

Four Mistakes

People tend to make four types of mistakes when they begin applying the 10X rule:

  1. “Mistargeting” – They set limited goals whose targets don’t galvanize them.
  2. “Severely underestimating” – They don’t realistically assess what it will take in effort, capital and gumption to achieve their objectives.
  3. “Spending too much time competing” – They let their competitors dictate their pace of work and...

About the Author

Sales training expert Grant Cardone has written best-selling books and appears on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News and Fox Business, and contributes to Huffington Post.

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