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The 25 Most Common Sales Mistakes book summary
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Stephan Schiffman, the famous master of cold calls and sales techniques, provides bite-sized tips on correcting common sales problems. He uses the same nuggets-of-advice format as in many of his other books, such as The Most Common Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, and the formula is a winner for him. His advice may sound fairly familiar, and much of it echoes his other books, though the concept that you can error-proof your sales approach is a dandy new angle. The advice is sound and is soundly given. Schiffman presents a short, brisk directory of 25 goofs to avoid and ways to fix up your sales approach in this easy-to-read booster. Maybe the simplicity and accessibility of his step by step approach explains why titles based on 10 of this or 25 of that are so popular - just as suspects this spiffy countdown will be as well.

About the Author

Stephan Schiffman has trained more than 250,000 salespeople. He is the president of DEI Management Group and the author of a number of books on sales, including Cold Calling Techniques and The 25 Most Common Sales Habits of Highly Successful People.



Make More Sales (and Fewer Mistakes)

To increase your sales, diagnose whether you commit any of the 25 most common sales mistakes, find your errors and remedy them. That small margin of better performance may be all you need to win. Common sales mistakes can be grouped in five major categories:

  1. Not being dedicated enough and not fully understanding the prospect.
  2. Failing to pay attention or to follow up properly.
  3. Failing to plan, organize or present yourself well.
  4. Providing insufficient information and selling too quickly.
  5. Failing to be competitive, have the right attitude or prospect diligently.

Obsession and Understanding

Major mistakes in the area of professional dedication and empathy for the customer include:

Mistake #1: You aren’t obsessed. You have to like selling and be completely convinced that your product or service can satisfy your customer. Okay, so you see selling as a 9-5 job. Fine. Think about your coffee break or the baseball scores off the job. But when you are at work, put your energy into selling. Combine obsession with the discipline...

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