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The 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership

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The 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership

Drive Change, Manage Transitions, and Help Any Organization Turn Around

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A strategist offers a comprehensive and entertaining introduction to responsive leadership.

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Leadership consultant and strategist Jackie Jenkins-Scott discusses the differences between “responsive” and “systematic” approaches to leadership in her comprehensive introduction to responsive leadership. Responsive leaders don’t impose their views; they seek to create shared visions. They discover what their organization needs and work with their colleagues to create common ground. Jenkins-Scott’s manual will be useful to anyone who is learning about or practicing responsive leadership.


Responsive leaders can transform the culture of their organizations by following seven “secret” practices.

Management styles fall into different categories. Some leaders use “systematic leadership” because they believe they can reach their goals by using this approach to being about dramatic change or reform. Turn to a better strategy for achieving these goals and more: responsive leadership. Leaders who are responsive concentrate primarily on the people in their business. Instead of imposing their views, responsive leaders create a shared vision. They diagnose what their firm needs and work with their colleagues on a common strategy for addressing those needs.

Responsive leaders set the tone for behavior in their companies. Because other leaders emulate their successes, responsive leaders have a ripple effect. They make their corporate cultures more responsive and effective by implementing seven secret strategies:

Secret 1: “Take advantage of opportunity.”

Responsive leaders select goals and strategies that will work best to achieve the possibilities...

About the Author

Jackie Jenkins-Scott was president of Dimock Community Health Center for 21 years and president of Wheelock College for 12 years. She established JJS Advising in 2016 to focus on leadership development and organizational strategy.

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