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America, once the land of opportunity, is becoming a land of adversity, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph E. Stiglitz. In this incisive article, which some readers will find disconcerting and others inspiring, he argues that flawed policy and the insidious role of money in politics have resulted in a US economy that benefits only the wealthiest, leaving everyone else behind. He warns that leaders must intercede to rebalance the economy or suffer the consequences of radicalism and unrest.

About the Author

Joseph E. Stiglitz is a professor at Columbia University and chief economist at the Roosevelt Institute. In 2001, he won the Nobel Prize in economics.



In 2018, America is the most affluent country in the world. But a closer look unveils the story of an advanced nation with severe inequality. Though it declined after the Great Depression, inequality began rising markedly beginning in the 1980s, a trend that most observers attribute to globalization and technology. But forces within the United States’ control – a shifting of market power that favors a plutocracy to the detriment of ordinary people – are more to blame. Since 1970, the top 1%’s income has increased fourfold, while the earnings of 90% of the population have...

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