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The Art of Social Selling

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The Art of Social Selling

Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Other Social Networks


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Social media are more than social: How to make sales through YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest.

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More B2B and B2C companies now use online networks and communities to earn substantial revenues through marketing on social media. Yet some managers remain reluctant to come aboard. Conversely, those who think social media channels are the answer to their selling dreams should remember that countless new contacts don’t necessarily translate into similarly huge numbers of sales and similarly inflated profits. Not sure what to do? Fear not: Social media and online marketing expert Shannon Belew demystifies the newest networks and explains how to use each link to make sales. getAbstract recommends her knowledgeable, illuminating approach to sales and marketing professionals who are unsure of their social media savvy and need the basics.


Sales Potential

Of necessity, today’s B2C or B2B sales or marketing professionals must be proficient at “social selling.” Social media’s current audience of 1.48 billion consumers continues to expand daily. If you can connect with only “one-tenth of one percent” of this audience, you will reach a million consumers at minimal expense, since you can use most social media for free.

Thanks to social media, you can engage in substantive conversations – “two-way forms of communications” – with every potential customer. Traditional advertising – “one-way forms of communications” – offers no conversations at all. One million new contacts, however, does not automatically mean one million new prospects, or even 100,000 new prospects. But social selling does enable you to get a strong, specific sales message to a staggering range of targeted prospects at the lowest possible cost.

Beach Decor

Caron’s Beach House, a coastal home-decor firm, demonstrates how to market and sell through social media. Even before proprietor Caron White opened her business in 2010, she was active on social media, including having a Facebook page for her beach pictures and coastal posts...

About the Author

Shannon Belew, digital marketing advocate and top-selling author, leads online marketing efforts for a global communications company.

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