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The Beginners Guide to Investing in ICOs book summary
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A virtual pile of cryptocurrencies is glinting in the eyes of speculators. With breathtaking increases in the value of many of these tokens in 2017, investors from the world of traditional assets are scrambling to get into the market for initial coin offerings (ICOs). But the virtual coins, which fledgling firms are issuing to raise funds to develop their products and services, hold the potential for spectacular losses as well as for great profits. In this instructive, self-published manual for those new to ICOs, analyst Matthew J. Dibb lays out a vetting process potential investors can use to spot the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. He gives you 11 filters for vetting an ICO-issuing firm, including checking with market researchers in the field – at which point, with a smile, he candidly includes a “shameless plug” for his company, Picolo Research. While never offering investment advice, getAbstract suggests this cautionary, timely and informative guide to speculators, traders and investors looking to understand more about the due diligence they need in the digital currency universe.

In this book, you will learn

  • Why potential investors need to assess initial coin offerings (ICOs) carefully,
  • What an investor should research about an ICO-issuing company and
  • What 11 analytical tools investors can use to undertake such an evaluation.

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