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The Big Reset Playbook

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The Big Reset Playbook

What’s Working Now

Josh Bersin,

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The coronavirus pandemic reconfigured people’s economic, social and private lives – and changed their priorities.

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By spring 2020, much of the world was in lockdown. As Josh Bersin and his company report in The Big Reset Playbook: What’s Working Now, businesses have to figure out which employees the pandemic affected the most, assist employees who work from home and plan for people eventually returning safely to work. This report for human resource professionals exhaustively addresses the intersection between work and life in a profoundly altered world. Work won’t be the same once the pandemic recedes. It must transform.


Employers must communicate with their employees and support their overall happiness.

In this new world, employers must maintain lines of communication and emotional connection with employees. This should include a regular regimen of meetings and opportunities for employees to express their opinions and feelings and to provide ongoing feedback. Companies should listen and, if warranted, revise their processes in response to employee feedback.

Another central corporate priority today is to emphasize employees’ general quality of life, including their physical and psychological health. Companies could provide or pay for yoga and mindfulness classes, educational resources for employees’ children, and coaching for staff members on issues like emotional and financial success.

People must be flexible and adaptive while remaining productive.

Company leaders have always valued flexibility in people’s approaches to new problems, and they often try to incorporate that attitude into training and into the corporate culture’s broader ideology. The coronavirus pandemic has made this character trait – the ability to adapt and improvise...

About the Author

Josh Bersin is the president and founder of Bersin & Associates, a leading industry research and advisory firm in enterprise learning and talent management.

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