The Bilingual Brain
A review of

The Bilingual Brain

And What It Tells Us About the Science of Language

Albert CostaAllen Lane • 2020

Language and the Brain

by David Meyer

Professor Albert Costa explores how learning two languages affects cognitive function, multitasking and processing information.

Albert Costa was Research Professor at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and director of the Speech Production and Bilingualism Group at the Centre for Brain and Cognition. He brings his years of research into language and cognitive function to bear on this fascinating topic.

The Guardian said, “Costa has a winningly informal style, a deadpan wit, and mixes laboratory findings of cognitive neuropsychology with examples from everyday life, TV programmes, sports and politics.” The BBC said, “Neuropsychologist Albert Costa spent two decades exploring bilingualism, and his book offers surprising insights.” And The Spectator found that “Costa’s work derives from a great fund of knowledge, considerable curiosity and solidly scientific spirit.”

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