The Biology of Success

The Biology of Success

Set Your Mental Thermostat to High with Dr. Bob Arnot's Prescription for Achieving Your Goals!




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If you want to learn how to structure your life to boost your success, this book is a good primer. Robert Arnot, M.D., offers scientifically oriented coaching and his guide is imminently practical. In topics ranging from exercise and diet to cognitive therapy, he describes the benefits of his easy-to-follow techniques and helps readers understand why they work. Arnot even finds scientific reasons for previously unexplained coaching concepts. Whether you are a science buff or just someone looking to get ahead, getAbstract recommends this book’s simple, useful advice for improving your career and your life.


Positive Mental Energy

High achievers share a common trait: an elevated level of mental energy. Their active minds enable them to work harder and longer, outcompeting others in their fields. In the distant past, scientists could only speculate about the origins and influences of such energy. However, in the 1980s, they finally began to understand its biological underpinnings. Their findings culminated in the discovery that how you feel has a direct impact on your ability to think.

Positive mood variations, which relate to “enthusiasm, activity, strength and elation,” are mentally energizing. Negative moods, such as “nervousness, fear, distress, scorn and hostility,” are draining. These moods, and the mental energy you gain or lose from them, strongly influence your judgment. Make important decisions, such as establishing long-term goals, only when you are in a positive mood and your energy level is high. Learning certain techniques – some very old, some new – can help you create and maintain a positive mood and, therefore, increase your mental alertness and improve your performance.

Turning Up Your “Mood Thermostat”

To decide if you are mentally prepared...

About the Author

Robert Arnot, M.D., is chief medical correspondent for NBC News. He has written six other books, including the best-selling Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Bob Arnot's Revolutionary Weight Control Program and Turning Back the Clock.

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