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The Bionic Company

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The Bionic Company

Winning the ’20s

Boston Consulting Group,

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Technology is driving organizations to merge their human and machine elements.

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Technology is driving the development of a new type of organization: the “bionic company.” According to Rich Hutchinson, Lionel Aré, Allison Bailey and Justin Rose – all managing directors and partners at Boston Consulting Group – bionic companies will meld the human and the machine, which represents a profound transformation of business and work. Their white paper delves into the demands that the bionic shift will place on employees and leaders, while suggesting the potential for continual innovation.


“Bionic companies” meld human and machine capabilities to meet customer and competitive demands.

Technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, data sensors, computing power, data storage and mobile connectivity are pushing evolution in business processes and customer relationships.

For leaders, transitioning their organizations to this new kind of bionic company requires a vision of the future and a roadmap for getting there. Digital natives provide models to emulate, and some established organizations such as L’Oréal and Renault are showing how to undertake profound transformations. Leaders no longer face technological barriers; instead, technology is challenging them to redesign their organizations to...

About the Authors

Rich Hutchinson, Lionel Aré and Allison Bailey are managing directors and senior partners of the Boston Consulting Group’s Atlanta, Paris and Boston offices, respectively. Justin Rose is managing director and partner of the Chicago office.

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