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The Business of Learning

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The Business of Learning

How to Bounce Back - Training’s Role in Building Resilience

The Business of Learning Podcast,

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To help people build resilience, focus on the learning environment. 

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Soft skills training is a top priority in organizational learning. In the face of all the change, uncertainty and adversity the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, building resilience has become one of the most sought-after soft skills. In this episode of The Business of Learning podcast, L&D experts Gavin Sutton and Tricia Inderhees exchange best practices for fostering resilience with podcast hosts Michelle Eggleston Schwartz and Sarah Gallo.


Resilience is not an innate skill. You can learn to become resilient.

Some people define resilience as a way to help individuals bounce back after a setback. It empowers people to persevere to overcome obstacles. It allows you to move with change instead of getting crushed by it. And it enables you to see challenges and mistakes as learning opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic and the many changes and uncertainties it brought, has put people’s coping mechanisms to the test. Resilience can help, and it’s not an innate skill. You can learn to become resilient – and organizations and L&D can do their part to help people develop it.

Psychological safety is a prerequisite for building resilience.

An organization that wants to foster resilience must create an environment of psychological safety. In a psychologically safe environment, people don’t have to fear negative repercussions for making everyday mistakes. Rather, the company encourages their employees to see mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. In a psychologically safe environment, managers...

About the Podcast

Gavin Sutton is head of learning and development at Ogilvy. Tricia Inderhees is the learning and development consultant leader at the Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Produced by, The Business of Learning podcast focuses on the intersection of business performance and human capital development.

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