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In this episode of TED’s WorkLife podcast, organizational psychologist Adam Grant reveals “the value of the outsiders inside your workplace.” Your company’s iconoclasts could unlock new levels of success and innovation – but only if you engage them and access their potential. In this entertaining, highly applicable podcast, you’ll learn how Pixar’s formula for self-disruption can help shake up your organization.


Pixar burst into animated filmmaking with its first movie, Toy Story – followed by two more critical darlings and box-office hits. Amid this success, Pixar’s leaders made a surprising decision to hire director, writer and animator Brad Bird and his collaborator John Walker, even though their prior movie had flopped. Pixar’s leaders liked the movie’s inventiveness, as well as Walker and Bird’s vision for a new film, The Incredibles

Businesses typically take risks and experiment when they’re in a slump, but the best time for a shake-up is when your firm is booming. However, success often breeds the so-called “fat-cat syndrome...

About the Podcast

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, popular TED speaker and bestselling author. His podcast WorkLife takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to explore the keys to a better work life.

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