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The Creative Thinking Handbook

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The Creative Thinking Handbook

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business

Kogan Page,

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Creativity is the power skill in today’s evolving business world.

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Business leaders recognize the creativity gap in their organizations: While roughly 82% of companies connect creativity with strong business results, only 11% agree that their organizations implement creative thinking as a core element in their business practices. Author Chris Griffiths explores the absence of creativity in company work habits. He presents a series of useful tools to generate, analyze and implement ideas and to make creativity a core element of an organization’s mission.


Businesses need to integrate creative thinking into their workplace cultures.

Through applied creativity, business owners can move their businesses from “getting by” to “moving forward.” Managers must foster openness to new ideas and implement innovations deliberately. Yet many businesses don’t cultivate an environment that’s conducive to creative thinking.

Business leaders’ future success will rely not on what they know or what worked in the past, but on what they can create. Today’s innovative companies – Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and the like – position themselves to innovate regularly and to use creative problem-solving. Using one-off brainstorming sessions is insufficient; instead, implement a company-wide mind-set for creativity.

Teams must commit to removing common thinking errors that constrain creativity.

Bad decisions often result from errors in thinking rather than errors in information. When employees view information without checking their underlying biases and assumptions, it affects their ability to keep their minds open to new ideas and to see clear paths...

About the Author

Best-selling author Chris Griffiths is the founder and CEO of OpenGenius, which offers training, software and tools to help companies implement creative thinking strategies.

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