The Cure for Cancer Is Data – Mountains of Data

The Cure for Cancer Is Data – Mountains of Data

Wired, 2016

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Could big data help scientists find cures for previously incurable diseases? Mathematician and molecular and computational biology specialist Eric Schadt believes so. Journalist and Esquire editor Mark Warren explores how advances in gene sequencing, data mining and machine learning could allow scientists to scour exabytes of data to glean disease patterns and predictors. getAbstract recommends this summary to medical researchers, data scientists and those interested in the future of medicine.


When gene sequencing first revealed the vast interior landscape of the individual, people began to hope for an era of personalized medicine, wherein it would be easy – or at least possible – to discover the causes of disease and to subdue them with individualized treatment plans. As with most things, progress has been both slower and faster than expected.

Researchers need genetic data to usher in this era – but not just from individual patients. To map the clusters of factors that lead to disease, intimate information is needed from the masses. ...

About the Author

Mark Warren is the executive editor of Esquire magazine.

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