The Curse of Bigness
A review of

The Curse of Bigness

Antitrust in the New Gilded Age

Bust the Trusts!

by David Meyer

Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu offers a concise history of US antitrust actions and calls for renewed efforts against today’s monopolies.

In this Washington Post bestseller, policy advocate, Columbia Law School professor and New York Times opinion writer Tim Wu – creator of the phrase “net neutrality” – offers a concise, focused and surprisingly engaging history of US antitrust monitoring and of the powerful personalities involved. In weaving a colorful and dramatic tale, Wu makes a convincing argument that this neglected area of economic law fundamentally shapes the American economy. In an era of income inequality, high market concentration and technology giants, readers will find this a timely analysis.

Rana Foroohar wrote in The Financial Times that in this “sharp analysis of antitrust law…[Wu] makes an impassioned case for a return to an earlier interpretation of antitrust law, one focused on power.” Benjamin C. Waterhouse of The Washington Post called this a “brisk and impressively readable overview of the subject, vivid and compelling.”

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