The Decision Makeover

The Decision Makeover

An Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want




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Decisions determine the quality, scope and tenor of your life. People who make good decisions usually live more successful, satisfying lives. Like all mental disciplines, smart decision making requires following certain guidelines and principles, as Mike Whitaker spells out in this instructive manual. Everyone has to make decisions, so Whitaker teaches you how to do it well. getAbstract recommends his detailed primer to those who want a more systematic approach to decision making, including students, young adults, people in mid-career, individuals in crisis, and those who must deal with challenging – and baffling – problems.


Luck Doesn’t Matter

Luck plays only a small role in life, but your decisions are critically important, since they set your life’s parameters. To assess your options carefully and intelligently, take a systematic approach.

Decision making is the pivotal action in taking control. Smart decision making avoids the “trial-and-error method,” a seldom reliable, hit-or-miss approach. Decision making should be deliberate and not random. It should be the result of a definite, clear process.

Make decisions for the right reasons. People usually base their decisions on feelings, not goals. Focus on your goals. Decisions lead to actions; bad decisions lead to the wrong actions. Small wrong actions can mess you up. Big wrong actions can ruin your life. Despite the stakes involved, people routinely make bad decisions. Often, they pursue instant gratification instead of working to achieve their primary objectives.

“Your Whys”

This happens for two reasons. The first is an inability to discern the extended negative consequences or benefits of taking specific actions. The second is failing to establish clear goals. To make good decisions...

About the Author

Serial entrepreneur Mike Whitaker founded Idea Gateway, a company specializing in launching new businesses and providing expertise and capital for entrepreneurs. He also founded a technology accelerator, RevTech, and chairs Lucas Color Card, a data product manufacturer.

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