Summary of “The Diversity Leader” – Singleton Beato

“The Diversity Leader” – Singleton Beato summary
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Charles Day, creator of the podcast Fearless: The Art of Creative Leadership, interviews Singleton Beato, the chief diversity and engagement officer at McCann Worldgroup, about her approach of incorporating diversity into her company’s DNA. While listeners may yearn for more concrete examples and a faster pace, the episode is still a must-listen for any executive who seeks to increase creativity through true diversity.

About the Podcast

Charles Day is an expert in creative leadership and host as well as producer of the popular podcast Fearless: The Art of Creative Leadership. In this episode, he talks with Singleton Beato, the McCann Worldgroup’s chief diversity and engagement officer. For this interview, she also draws from her personal experiences as a black woman and seven years as a 4As executive in charge of developing diverse talent.



A wide range of diversity, including invisible differences, fuels creativity. 

Singleton Beato – the McCann Worldgroup’s chief diversity and engagement officer – has always been conscious of race’s role in her leadership and decided her skin color would hold her back in her career only if she let it. With a background in advertising, she explains that strong interpersonal relationships are crucial to success in that industry. Agency leaders need to engage with people from a variety of backgrounds and be sure to include people who are different in non-obvious ways. Beato’s son, for example, has ADHD. It isn’t apparent merely by looking, but the condition is still a big part of who he is and informs his perspective...

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