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How do Apple, GE, IBM and Procter & Gamble remain successful brands? Branding expert Allen P. Adamson explains strategies these companies use that you can adopt to sharpen your branding edge. He details how to deal with branding challenges in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace and outlines 50 tips your company can utilize daily to stay ahead in the never-ending branding race. In a rare slip, Adamson says Super Bowl ads are sold in 30- and 60-minute chunks; think of 30 and 60 seconds instead, and don’t hold the typo against him – that would be bad for his brand. getAbstract recommends his sound, worldly advice to marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, home businesses and anyone trying to stand out in an overheated, overcrowded marketplace.



Some people mistakenly believe that a brand’s success depends on a clever, compelling advertising campaign. Such promotion is vital, but another consideration matters more to marketing professionals: What do consumers think about their brand, and what makes it special to them? Successful products and services benefit from powerful advertising and other branding activities, as well.

A brand is the meaning consumers attribute to the name of a product or service. Branding is embedding that specific idea in the minds of consumers. It includes the brand’s marketing messages, logo, packaging, where and how it is sold, its tweet references and Facebook “likes,” its placement in movies and everything else that communicates a message to consumers. Marketers who understand what type of branding works best for their specific goods have a competitive advantage. Brands must always fulfill their promises, which in the consumer’s mind are stated or implied in stories they’ve heard about the brand. Marketers must create “brand drivers” – that is, “a simple, sticky set of words or a phrase” – that best communicate a brand’s message.

Branding encompasses your company...

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Allen P. Adamson, managing director of the New York office of global branding strategists Landor Associates, writes a bimonthly column for Forbes.com.

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