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The Elements of Great Public Speaking

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The Elements of Great Public Speaking

How to Be Calm, Confident, and Compelling

Ten Speed Press,

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The Elements of Great Public Speaking

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This useful, practical book on public speaking can benefit every businessperson. When you demonstrate the ability to educate, motivate and persuade others, you show that you command an important aspect of leadership. This book breaks successful public presentations down into simple, repeatable steps. J. Lyman MacInnis also provides essential rules and tips for a variety of settings and situations, so you can use his handbook to guide you through any public speaking situation. His emphasis on the importance of preparation, how to write your address and how to practice it underscore important aspects of public speaking that are too often given short shrift. getAbstract finds that the author’s simplicity of presentation, concise writing and wide-ranging advice make this a very useful practical guide for speakers at all skill levels.


The Value of Persuasive Speaking

The next time you are in an audience at a presentation, take a moment to estimate the value of the time of everyone in the room. After the presentation, think about what the speaker actually communicated and how long the speech took, and then decide if the cost of the time was worth it. Usually it is not. Speakers tend to think their value is in the time they spend laboring in front of the crowd; however, the true value is in the content and the manner of delivery. No matter how important the information is, without memorable delivery the content will evaporate and have no effect. Fortunately, you can learn the skills you need to speak persuasively and memorably.

Three key criteria will help you identify the best topic for your presentation. First, you must know the topic deeply. This will give you confidence and ease in front of the audience, and enable you to handle distractions and interruptions. Second, you must care about it. The more you care, the better you will be able to communicate enthusiasm and urgency to your listeners, and the easier it will be for them to care. Third, select a topic you believe needs to be talked about...

About the Author

J. Lyman MacInnis is a successful senior partner in an international accounting firm and an in-demand speaker. He has given thousands of public speeches, made numerous radio and television appearances, and has written hundreds of articles. He is author or co-author of a dozen books.

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