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Event marketing is more than throwing a great party. Like any marketing endeavor, its ultimate goal is to generate sales. Author Allison Saget keeps her eye on the prize as she teaches you how to plan and execute your next event. She emphasizes that event marketing must be an integral part of your company's total marketing strategy. She covers every aspect of event marketing, including choosing an event, working with sales, crafting a message, generating leads, measuring results and rising above the competition. The book is filled with practical templates and forms she developed during her 20 years in the business. Saget's attention to detail gets a bit tedious; for example, she meticulously describes the best way to pack a suitcase, but that is easy to forgive because so much of the information is valuable. getAbstract encourages you to read this thorough handbook before you rent that tent.


"The Event Marketer's Mantra"

No matter what company you are promoting, the basics of event planning and marketing are the same. Before you begin to plan any event, develop a clear understanding of its purpose. Know your company's sales and business objectives. Consult the leaders in your organization about the event. Research your company and its competitors online. Create alliances in your sales department, so that your marketing message is on point.

Now, memorize the event marketer's mantra: "Event marketing is all about facilitating, easing, opening, accelerating and shortening the sales cycle. That's it!" Companies participate in, sponsor or host events to facilitate the sales process, raise awareness, and display and introduce products, services and solutions in a favorable, controlled environment. Achieving your event's sales and business goals depends on three basic initiatives: "brand recognition, lead generation and thought leadership," the "BLT" of event marketing.

Incorporating Brand Awareness

Use events to concentrate your sales and branding effort. Events enable precious face-to-face time, putting salespeople in a comfortable setting with...

About the Author

Allison Saget has planned, managed and designed more than 1,000 events in her 20-year marketing career. She owns an event marketing consulting firm that serves major corporate clients.

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