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The Executive Leader’s Handbook

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The Executive Leader’s Handbook

A Guide for the Daily Challenges of Leadership

Drew Jackson,

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What's inside?

Practical advice for becoming a strong, decisive and inclusive leader.

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You won’t find scholarly research or complex theories in Drew T. Jackson’s nifty little guide to answering the challenges of leadership. The author uses simple, conversational language to present practical information from his experiences as an executive, business owner and trainer. For example, you’ll learn that incompetence or unwillingness are the primary causes of failure among team members. You’ll also discover that you have only three options for resolving conflicts with those you supervise. Jackson’s advice is particularly valuable for newly-minted leaders or those who seek a dose of fresh guidance and inspiration.


Obstacles test executive leaders’ grit and ingenuity.

When experienced executives make the transition to being business owners, they inevitably face new and different challenges. Several years ago, when author Drew T. Jackson was struggling with his new business, he asked renowned author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell how to “push through a wall.” Maxwell reassured Jackson that running into obstacles with a new business is perfectly normal. Opportunities present problems and vice versa, Maxwell said, explaining that he constantly ran into walls.


Some people think brute force is all you need. You hit a wall, take a few steps back and run into the obstacle harder and faster… which always brings the same results. Success requires defining the wall – the nature of your problem – and identifying why you slammed into it in the first place. Then you can knock it down, go around it, climb over it or put a door in it. Sometimes you must slow down before you can speed up. 

Business is a constant uphill battle with no easy answers. Walls will appear in front of you all the time. Every time you...

About the Author

Workshop facilitator Drew T. Jackson specializes in coaching leaders and managers at small businesses. He is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator.

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