The Future Leader

The Future Leader

9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade

Wiley, 2020




  • Analytical
  • Well Structured
  • Inspiring


Futurist Jacob Morgan interviewed more than 240 CEOs and surveyed nearly 14,000 employees to identify important trends and challenges that businesses will face in 2030. His “Nine Notable” mind-sets explain the attitudes he says leaders should adopt. Morgan offers a vision of corporate servant-leaders who find motivation in long-term visions and humane ideals. But he also worries that many leaders aren’t committed to meaningful change. His description of how forward-looking leaders act can also guide job seekers in finding a great boss in a purpose-driven organization.


Prepare now for the trends in corporate social responsibility, technology and globalization that will shape leadership’s future. 

Bad leaders damage employees’ job satisfaction and their mental and physical health. Companies must examine their practices to determine if they have the right “filters” to identify and develop high-quality leaders who can meet their future needs. Good leaders have a huge impact on employee retention, engagement, productivity and profits. However, a 2018 poll indicated that only 19% of employees see their managers as mentors. Worldwide, nearly three-quarters of millennials expect to leave jobs because their employers don’t nurture their leadership potential.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies will shape leadership’s future. Sophisticated AI should free human beings from repetitive, uncreative drudgery – leaving leaders the challenge of putting people to work in jobs that are worth doing. Automation should not replace human beings; rather, it should empower them to solve problems. Once computers are performing the analytic grunt work behind decision-making...

About the Author

Speaker and consultant Jacob Morgan is the author of The Future of Work, The Employee Experience Advantage and The Collaborative Organization. He founded

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