Summary of The Future of Chat (and Interacting with Your Customers)

The Future of Chat (and Interacting with Your Customers) summary
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Mikael Yang, the founder of ManyChat, speaks with Andrew Warner of the podcast Mixergy about ManyChat’s mission to use chatbots to engage the more than one billion people on Facebook Messenger. Marketers looking for new ideas will benefit from hearing Yang’s promotion of Messenger bots as an easy, inexpensive and effective way to make sales, problem solve and grow relationships.

About the Podcast

On his Mixergy podcast, Andrew Warner interviews successful entrepreneurs. Mikael Yang is the CEO and founder of the Messenger marketing app ManyChat.



Chat apps may become a preferred vehicle for interacting with customers and prospects in the future. Email marketing is no longer generating high response rates. Many people prefer communicating on messaging apps, such as Slack and Facebook Messenger. Marketing app ManyChat helps companies create bots to communicate via Facebook Messenger. generated several thousands of dollars in sales from a $2000 investment in ManyChat ads. Users who clicked on the site’s ad immediately entered a chat on Facebook. The company could address the prospects individually, since Facebook shares some user data including the name and ...

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