The Gift of Struggle

The Gift of Struggle

Life-Changing Lessons About Leading

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Populus Group co-founder and CEO Bobby Herrera reveals in homespun fashion how to become a better leader by finding solutions inside problems. In this business autobiography, he applies his experiences as the child of migrant field workers, a soldier, a father and a mountain climber to leadership. He advocates open, honest conversations and shares his mistakes, solutions and lessons learned: Invite discussion and disagreement. Share the source of your passion. New and veteran leaders can gain from his core teaching to turn problems into opportunities. Find the gift in each challenge you face.


Share your story and inspire your staff.

Populus Group (PG) co-founder and CEO Bobby Herrera believes that people’s life stories shape who they are and how they see the world. Their stories highlight difficulties they’ve overcome. Herrera found that facing his problems directly, even befriending them, helped him become the leader he aspired to be. Herrera grew up as the child of a migrant working family. Life with 12 siblings was difficult. He always woke at five a.m. to handle farmwork before school, so he didn’t find US Army basic training so hard.

Herrera sees similar patterns in his fellow leaders. Their challenges caused personal changes that fired their ambition. Yet leaders often aren’t comfortable sharing what drives them. Being silent about your challenges can alienate you from your staff. But, sharing your story lets you relate to your staff openly and honestly, enabling them to commit to you and your goals. Do your staff members know your story? Is it the basis of what you do? Do you encourage team members to tell their own life-defining stories?


About the Author

Bobby Herrera is co-founder and CEO of Populus Group, an HR services company with $500 million in revenue. 

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