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The Icarus Deception book summary
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Marketing expert Seth Godin hammers his message home in short, often striking bursts. He borrows from his past work and his advice is repetitive, apparently on purpose, and dramatic: Wake up. Realize that you’ve bought a bill of goods. Corporate-ladder safety isn’t safe anymore. Accept that the world has changed and do something about it. Though conformity might be hardwired into your brain, strive to break out, create and make art. Avoid the illusion that you’re secure in a corporate job that is a relic of another age. Whether you work for yourself or others, be an artist, find your audience, make mistakes, get better and stand out. Godin’s words about the struggles and rewards of independent effort can inspire you, your kids, your co-workers, your employees, your bosses and even your parents. getAbstract recommends his message to anyone yearning for independence and satisfying work; perhaps this really is a new age of creativity or maybe Godin just senses a promising change in the wind.

In this book, you will learn

  • Why you have been programmed to conform,
  • Why today’s new world order favors creativity and connection, and
  • How you can make art in your work.

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About the Author

Seth Godin is a marketing expert, blogger and frequent TED speaker. His previous books include Tribes, Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars and Poke the Box.


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