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The Inclusion Dividend

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The Inclusion Dividend

Why Investing in Diversity & Inclusion Pays Off


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Promote diversity and inclusion to ensure your business’s success.

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“Diversity and Inclusion” experts Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan make the business case for “D&I.” They provide a framework for creating a culture of inclusion in your workplace. The authors’ intentions are good and their information is solid, but the book’s repetition makes it hard to extract their best ideas. For a boost in that direction, their solid “Inclusion Initiative” model in the last two chapters provides a strong, workable framework for putting their concepts into action. getAbstract recommends this manual to executives, HR personnel, hiring managers, small-business owners and anyone seeking to make their workplace more profitable through diversity. This topic is of pivotal importance in an increasingly global and diverse work environment.


Good Intentions

Most business leaders want to be inclusive. They recognize that they benefit when their employees perform at their best, and they don’t want to inhibit anyone’s potential or restrict their opportunities. They like to believe their organizations are meritocracies that reward people and provide opportunities based on productivity and proven ability. Unfortunately, true meritocratic systems do not exist. For proof, look no further than the dearth of women in executive positions.

Although women make up half of the workforce, and even though they graduate from college at the same rate as men, they hold fewer than 15% of executive positions in Fortune 500 companies. How could this happen in a truly meritocratic society? The handy excuse is that women leave their jobs to focus on children and family. However, studies show that most women step off the corporate ladder due to deficient advancement opportunities, insufficient skill development or lack of respect. Organizations that enable women to excel and advance reap the benefits. Publicly traded companies with women in the higher ranks enjoy better shareholder returns.

“Diversity and Inclusion...

About the Authors

Mark Kaplan and Mason Donovan are co-founders of the D&I consultancy The Dagoba Group. Donovan wrote DRIVEN: A Manager’s Field Guide to Sales Team Optimization.

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