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As digitalization transforms manufacturing, technology continues to generate new potentials and challenges. Claudio Simão, chief technology officer at Hexagon AB and president of Hexagon’s Innovation Hub, has led his organization through a transformation from a leader in sensor making to a provider of end-to-end enterprise solutions. In this episode of The Active Share, Simão discusses how Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation will drive productivity for organizations that embrace it, while creating new risks in cybersecurity. 

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The Active Share, a podcast of William Blair Investment Management, explores less obvious investing insights in conversations with executives, analysts and authors. Hugo Scott-Gall, a partner and co-director of research for the global equity team, hosts. In this episode, Claudio Simão, chief technology officer at Hexagon AB and president of Hexagon Innovation Hub, discusses Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.


Emerging digital technology enables transformation in manufacturing.

Manufacturing is moving toward Industry 4.0: Manufacturers are combining new digital technologies and enablers – such as cloud computing, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and even hardware such as robots and drones – with core technology and expert systems.

The fourth industrial revolution enables the interconnection of currently fragmented or siloed processes and data. By deploying new digital technologies, manufacturers will be able to streamline processes and develop entirely new solutions: smart factories, ...

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