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The Joy of Missing Out

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The Joy of Missing Out

Live More by Doing Less

Thomas Nelson,

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Dismiss the idea of balance in your life. Instead, for joy and productivity, lean into your priorities. 

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If you feel you never get enough accomplished, rethink your priorities and create your own “North Star” to help guide your actions and energy. Productivity expert and mentor Tonya Dalton’s “liveWELL” method helps you define your priorities and spurs you to achieve your goals. Dalton urges you to create personal mission and vision statements and align them with your core values as beacons you can follow in the office and at home.


You created the pace of your life. You can change it.

Most people try to balance their work, personal and home lives. Keeping all three in balance can be exhausting, and accomplishes little.You can change this dynamic by combining your time, energy and focus to concentrate on one target.

To concentrate on your true priorities, accept that you can’t “have it all.” You have to make choices, or have them made for you. This proves particularly true when you feel stuck.

People with a “strong internal locus of control” have greater happiness and motivation because they believe they control their lives.

If you are hesitant to believe you have the power to choose for yourself, ask why you believe this. If your answer is negative, question it again. Perhaps there are areas where your co-workers, spouse or children could help free you to follow your passion.

That decision is yours. You define your happiness and how you focus your time and energy. Prioritizing your goals helps you choose happiness.

Define your own path through life.

Would your obituary reflect that you lived your life following your passions? ...

About the Author

Tonya Dalton is a productivity expert, mentor and the 2019 Enterprising Woman of the Year. She is the CEO and founder of inkWELL Press Productivity Co.

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